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The Craft is now launched!

Alan kelly is a songwriter, musician & composer from Colorado. He has released eight albums, six of which remain in print. His latest work is ‘The Craft’ which was released on August 1, 2011.

He is best known for his vivid portrayals of small town America, and his works are typically extended ‘story’ songs, often resembling novellas in their form and structure. One is drawn into a layered story line where the eventual resolution and direction is often times not revealed until the end of the piece.

There is an appreciated literacy to much of his lyrical work and his albums seem to reflect a continuity of theme rather than an unrelated collection of songs. It might be best described as folk or folk rock because of the strong lyrical orientation, but there are a multitude styles here, and the production and supporting musicians are exceptional.

His music is available for download at iTunes,,, & the Much of his catalogue can be listened to in its entirety on FaceBook at

Join Alan on his latest musical journey!

AlanStanding Alan Kelly was born January 15, 1952 in Springfield, Illinois. Raised in Minnesota, Missouri, and Illinois he transmigrated to Colorado in 1971 and today lives in Elizabeth, CO on ten acres in the Black Forest, somewhere between Colorado Springs and Denver with his wife Sheila and two children.

Any of the releases can be purchased by sending $14.95 plus $1.60 shipping and insurance to:

Megsheilian Records
PO Box 1356
Elizabeth, CO 80107

Colorado residents should add 3.5% sales tax.

For further information about Alan Kelly or to order any of the releases, please contact Megsheilian Records or email Alan at

Quiet Lives of Consequence can be ordered through Megsheilian Records or The Orchard.

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The Craft

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Quiet Lives of Consequence

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The Rest of the Country

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Selected Heartichokes

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Greatest Hits, Vol. XI

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